Call For Demos

WACV 2024 – Call for Demos and Exhibitions 

Demo/Exhibitions Chairs: Brian Clipp (Kitware), Emanuela Marasco (George Mason University)  


Submission Deadline: November 3rd, 2023  

Applicants Notification by: November 10th, 2023 

Submission: Application Form  

WACV 2024 is pleased to host a session for demos and exhibitions. The call is open to researchers from academia, industry and government to showcase new technologies and system prototypes in an interactive setting. Accepted participants will have the opportunity to present their work to the broad computer vision audience attending WACV. The proposed platform may correspond to a WACV 2024 paper, but this is not a requirement, and demos without a paper associated or related to research published by another venue are also encouraged. 

The topic of the live demonstrations is expected to focus on research results pertaining to applications of computer vision in various fields (e.g., security, medical sector, robotics, etc.). Considering the devastating wildfires that recently affected Maui, we are also planning on having a Demo Gallery centered on Computer Vision for Disaster Relief (CVDR) with applications related to disaster assessment, accelerating disaster response, and disaster risk reduction using computer vision-based methods.  

This year, demos are strictly non-virtual. Participants are required to fill out and submit the online Application Form, provided above, through which they can input information about their platform including the authors, their affiliations, the resources needed for displaying it at the booth, as well as supporting material (e.g., published papers, videos, images, etc.). All the submitted demo proposals will be reviewed and decisions will be made based on the quality, scientific merit and suitability for WACV 2024. The presentations are intended to be of an academic nature transitioning research to practice with no commercialization scope. If accepted, participants are expected to attend in person.  

All the demos presented will compete for the WACV 2024 Best Demo Award. Through a voting process, our committee will select the system with the most impressive features and potential as well as of highest presentation quality. The winner will be announced at the WACV 2024 Awards session and will receive a cash prize ($100 gift card).  

For any questions, please contact the demo chairs:  

Brian Clipp ( and Emanuela Marasco (