Robustness at Inference: Towards Explainability, Uncertainty, and Intervenability

Mohit Prabhushankar (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ghassan AlRegib (Georgia Institute of Technology )

Sunday AM 

Are you Doing Data Protection and Privacy Wrong? 
AI Governance and Data Protection for Computer Vision and Beyond

François Brémond (Universite ́ Cote d’Azur, France), Pam Dixon (World Privacy Forum), Terina Fa’agau (Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation), Devin Kamealoha Forrest (Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation), Kate Kaye (World Privacy Forum), Michael King (Florida Institute of Technology), Sanmi (Oluwasanmi) Koyejo (Stanford University, Black in AI), Thomas Strohmer (UC Davis)

Sunday PM

Uncertainty Quantification Tutorial

Gianni Franchi (ENSTA Paris), Olivier Laurent (Université Paris-Saclay & ENSTA Paris), Quentin Bouniot (Telecom Paris), Andrei Bursuc (

Monday AM 

Tutorial on Reliability of Generative Models in Vision

Changhoon Kim (Arizona State University)*, Gowthami Somepalli (University of Maryland, College Park), Tejas Gokhale (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Yezhou Yang (Arizona State University)

Monday PM